"Selection of father's Lessons"

"Selection of father's Lessons"
The greatest crime, the greatest treachery, the greatest invitue is limitation of mind. Mind is the divine favour that can go everywhere and find reality if you have virtue.
What is the production of virtue? Balance, and what is the production of balance? Health and what is the production of health? Continuing life and peace this is the way of clean people.
To imprecate a calamity upon cruels is because of their ignorance and proud; because they are darkness and gloom. So if the usefulness is appeared in ourselves, gloom is appeared, we should remove ownselves, we are imprecated.
The divine you follow is based on 4 bases: 1. Each deed is the result of resignment, you realized there is nothing higher and greater than God and you are resign to God 2. we should protect our teritoriality and the others'. 3. you should be particular in your deeds to be profitable for society 4. you should have no expectation when you are good and profitable for society.
What is good deed? Building houses, building orphanage, writing holy Quran, building mosques, going to Mecca, praying, fasting, helping others. Are they good deeds? No, not at  all. They are no good no bad. Every deed done for God is good and every deed is not done for God is bad. "The measure of deeds is their intertion" .
Say the hi of father to all of the followers of servitude from your spiritual or nonspiritual children. My prayers follow you and them , as God and its angles say hi to them to follow the way of servitude and development.
If you are monotheist, you will obey one God, you are at the service of others totally. Saying there is no God but the unique God is not the reality, its just a music, just a rythim. If you are monotheist you serve others.
If you want to choose a way, a job, at first look at the people who has chosen the way, what are they when come to an end, where have they arrived and which personality have they got. If that personality is favorable to you, choose that way. If not, no.
You can draw just one vertical line to a point on an axis. Each side of the vertical line is 900. The straight way is the line between two 900 on left and right and separates them from each other. In fact there is no space between these two angles and this line, is a distinction between left and right and the outstrikes of going to extremes.
If the deed has these 4 characteristic, it will be free of desires 1. It is as God wants. 2. It is the mean development 3. It is useful for people 4. All of the above are for God. If the deed has non of above, it will be based on desires.
when you are hopeless from everywhere, when there is nobody in nowhere, your heart will pay attention to a reality which can be open the doors. This reality is the eternal being of God.
Do not work for money. If there is no work give your money and tell I'm ready to give you 1000 tomans and come to your garden to spade. This is honour, the way of Imam Ali (A.S).
Watch out! In your children, your wives, your brides, everybody follow this principle: being responsible. If he dose not be a responsible he will not to be of use.
What does holy Quran want to say? At first it wants to say, there is a higher situation than, social and financial position, food and passion, the position that man this two-leg animal can reach it.
Serving others include plants, inanimates, humans, animals, Be carefull: don’t you ever repair your house when it ruins, don’t you ever be a tree without water, don’t you ever have a warm place in winter for yourself and the animal like cat is out, they need as same as you . and relieving it is a serving to people.
Man is higher than to be limited. I am no servant but God. Man is coming here to say: "the do we serve and thee do we beseech for help" (Quran). (Fatiha: 5)
Every deed is faced with two reaction: 1. appreciation 2. punishment performing the duties is appreciated.
If you are the weakest person, do you want to be the strongest? (at the same time). If you keep your promise, you will be the strongest Muster up the power of all, you can do everything you want.
Man has two eyes. If he close one of them, he will see just people. If he close the other, he will see just God. If he open both of them he will see God and people at their own special places.
My dears, let's watch each other like in our body that cells live with eachother under supervision of brain. If we are so, we will have divine religion.
People have rights to me, because of their work I'm alive, so I should help them as much as possible for me and use all situation for this.
If there is a 100% relationship between brain and organs, the newborn will be healthy, but if this relationship is 90% or 50% it will not.
When a person make a promise, he put himself in his saying, when he break his promise, he has no personality to put it in his saying, he has no personality and a muslem never does not a personality.
I like all of you not for myself but for yourself. I like you for yourself to be an upright student, an upright human not for myself, never, never, never.
Every agent wants to remove holiness from Quran, he is Salman Rushdi, he is a person who remove holiness from sentences of Quran.
Difficulties have two aspects: 1. the deeds I did, the results of them may reach to me. Sometimes I will take the exam to go to higher class so I have a late night, this is for the success of tomorrow.
O'God! If our mistakes can be compensated, give me your grace to compensate them by my deeds and if they cannot be compensated, forgive us based on your generosity and kindness.
Tranquility and peace is occured when you are connected to eternity; if you rely on a limited thing, you will be anxious when it is disappeared,  I will not be exist.
(For passing away): this is the way that all of us will go. We should be equiped that we do not be disgraced, may Allah will be generous to us and to be exalted if we should follow 2 things, we will be exalted certainly: 1. Doing all the things for God 2. Behave to others as well as you want to  behave your selves.
Do not minify no favour even it is small, for example 2 grains of rice, eat them and do not remove them. There is a relationship between that rice and its generation, they will revenge and you will be needy.
If you are not informe that a person has been deviated from divine religion, unless you  have information, do not attribute him to be deviated, the people who have not information and give opinion about people, they are deviated.
Animal is differentiated from human by five characteristics: 1. Trustworthiness 2. Honesty 3. Heart is belong to God 4. All of the systems and organs are at the service of others (not only humans but also all of the creatures) 4. The motivation is science and reality.
That, who should go to it and ask help, is  that creates me, survive me, train me and give me apparent favours.
Do the systems and organs like liver and kidney work for themselvese or for the body complex? If all the people have this morale to each other, then the divine religion has been achieved.
If you consider one person as a brain in your home, and do everything he says, will be any disagreement between a man, a woman, a baby or an adult? No, because it is the centre.
The two things prepare eternal life for us are: faith and virtue. Which are the only drug of life, make life.
Virtue means everybody convince to his right and does not invade to other's; convince to your right and do not invade to others', then the society is improved.
Islamic calture is based on 2 factors science and reality; a person knows that the issue is right to follow or is not right not to follow.

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