God is the customer of the divine men.
O' my Lord, I'm your belonging, I'm in your kingdom, I'm exist by you I have no support and patronage except you.
When you want to concentrate on the spiritual aspects appear "himself", it is just straying not more.
Man is resigned naturally. He has no disobience in resignation but in selection of his leader (leader of virtue or leader of debauchery)
What is virtue? Following the right of yourself and others.
You are not called "HUMAN", when your mind is not open and you have no virtue, honesty, trust, worthiness and keeping you promise.
My dears, don't call me your father or the great, but the humble, I come to invite you to light.
The right of day to us is there is no sign done in it.
There are real Islam and the abolished one. The real Islam is leaded by holy Quran.
We sure that the future destinies are related to the selection of the present and if we do not select the right way, we will be responsible forever.
Culture is the output of insight.
Evil is the disobient soul, it is not a person.
The spiritual food and water is science and the spiritual air is worship.
Man can do anything and he can do all.
Belief is the output of knowing realities.
"Goal" more worth or me? "Goal", because  it attracts me , I am humble to it.
We should be specialist for doing anything and manage it.
Wisdom is the middle part of everything.
A sinner person is a treacherous to himself.
The world is an independent existence, its organisms are its cells and its brain cells are believers.
A humble always is hopeful and a dear is fearful.
Human is being tested every moment.
Everybody can understand based on his capabilities.
Studying has 3 steps: 1. reading, 2. knowing, 3. learning.
Freedom means to be just servant of God.
Respection is derived of to be valued. A person who does not know value, he will not obeyed and served.
Time is reaching from the first to the end.
The balance in art is greater than art itself, balance survives the art.
Politness is the quality of doing tasks.
When you open your mind, they could reach to everything, then velocity of mind is as rapid as the velocity of human in himself.
There are some factors for development: concenteration, environment, nutrition, practice and suggestion.
Islam is divine of domination and politics, for establishment of right and justics and uprooting of oppression and treachery.
It is not enough to read holy Quran apparently, knowing its translation interpretation and the reason of descending but practice it in ourselves.
Tasks are different in different conditions.
There are two factors for good, and bads: internal motivation, external proper condition.
Gene is the effect of the past environment.
For tasks: constancy at first and stop at  end.
All the abilities are hidden in human.
The world is based on mathematics, each quantity and quality have the result. This result does not violate of them.
Martyrdom is dying for performing of duties.
Distinction and selection are the duties of "self "
Confession to sin is one of the factors lead to its forgiving.
Allah is the unique reality been seen in difficulties and hopelessness by the eyes of heart.
We, humans, sell ourselves, either to God or to Evil.
When the soul of human is clean and is filled just by God, nothing will be happened, then if it be helped by God and mind, it will reach to reality.
Consult with people who say: "God", "God" and say for "God".
The main task is following the science, the belief does not based on science is ignorance.
Performing the duties is establishment of science and right.
Inviting to God does not mean to say "God", "God", "God". It meants inviting to right that is inviting to God.
We are responsible for observing ourselves for knowing what are delegated to us and we are responsible in that range.
We know nothing but the branch of it is in the universe.
My dears, we are dead if theism will not in us.
If a person does not really follow the science, he will be like a lamb that follow the others by a bunch of grass. It is not clear that he will bring him to home or slaughter house.
It is possible to use divine school but be self-centered.
The Muslem is equiped by science and move based on virtue (following the right of himself and others).
The end of each class is death which is the introduction of living for next class. "He brings forth the living from the dead and bring forth dead from the living" (Quran).(RUM:19)
If you order, at first practice it yourself. You are the criteria.
The point of all misfortunes is: if it is not clear for me like 2*2 , I can not start.
Instinct is the constant spiritual characteristics of each  organism.
Test the people, if they break their promise, their Islam is unstable.
The main factor of meanness is difference.
Wisdom invites us to science and reality is the opposite of ignorance and desire.
Pressure appears reality and it is factor of training.
Shiate is a person who determines reality, accept it, practice it and defend it.
The first recommendation for people in development way is deprecation for cleaning heart.
This thought is not forgiven that think sins are not forgivable.
Selfishness is the root of all sins.
There characteristics differentiate organisms from eachother: colour, smell, taste shape and usage.
The measure of honour is work. The core of honour is a seed that grows and it is work.
I should do the work that it will be satisfied with me.
The freemen are isolated in all periods.
Writing cannot mean the goal, the quality of reading mean the goal.
If I do not violate, my deeds will be accepted.
Human should ask God charity, every houre and every moment.
Science is error-free.

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