A  Brief Biography of Ayatolah – Ol – ozma Mohamad Bagher Hekmatnia one of the greatest sages and teachers of humanity in contemporary world


The late thoughtful, Iranian moral leader is the complete model that most of youth worldwide search him. He has passed the fences surrounded the past religions. He lived by a world view based on scientific thought and virtuality (following the right of himself and others) practically that the complete person should be live.

He born in 1298 Hejri shamsi (1338 Hejri Ghamari and 1919 A.D) in Azarshahr, a region around tabriz. His father was a wise man from a political challenger family and his mother was a believer from the generation of high rank clergymen such as Ayatolah Agha vahid Behbahani, the late Majlesi, sheikh Mofid and saeed – lbn – Jobair, the first interpretators of holy Quran and of the outstanding clergymen in Islam world.

Elementary Education

He began his education when he was 5, he was very clever with special surprising talent. After finishing the elementary course, the manager of the same school suggest him to teach in that school  as an elementary teacher. He had a long worships from childhood.


He went to Qum for religious education with his foster brother, Ayatolah Madani, in his adolescence period.  Ayatolah Hojat, Ayatolah khansari and Ayatolah Najafi Marashi etc were of his teachers. Of  his prayers when he was 13 is: Everybody sells himself to a band , a group or personalities  for his development and progress and relates them. O God! I want no relation but you, I sware you I sell myself just for you and promise that I believe nothing unless it is proved me scientifically. You get accustomed to a wise man who did before speaking. He was not an isolated gnostic in monastery or a clergyman with golden cloths in churge or a political leader in limozin or an isolated scientist in his laboratory. He lived, tought, leaded and he was free like cypress tree and was available and kind like breeze. His mud-built house like Iman Ali's house in kufa was very simple but clean, organized and arranged without lavishment.

The youth period

Ayatolah Hekmatnia reached to the stage of religious leadership when he was 23, this stage is the highest degree in religious sciences among Islamic scientists. He also participated in academic courses of education and training and after entering university and passing the course which was mainly without attending in the classes, got the top score in this course and received B.A in literature and philosophy.

challenging activities

while the truth-seekings men were trapped by charlatans and they got the answer of their honesty and natural cleanliness by the wrong intentions this great man just for performing the order of God support the truth – seeking men with no financial, spiritual, political etc expectation and is this way he has no hidden goals for groups, bands or even religions. He performed it just for God and considered only humanistic mission. His honesty has been tested for long years and the information has proved it. He entered the fighting to pahlavi kingdom in the events of petrol nationalization. He believed in the inseparability of religion and politics in his fightings. His fighting to Taghut was continued until the orders of his pursuance execution were issued absently, but it was not done by the grace of God. Then he went to the west of country for improving the people's affaris. He had an active role in establishment of Islamic Republic in Iran. Most of these fightings were in Mashad. He went to Syria after Islamic revolution in 1359. He stayed there because of the peoples request. He activated the people's  movement against humanity enemies.

Some of moral characteristics

The best present for him was neither money, nor acknowledgement. or medal and appreciation. He said: "what do you bring for me as a present?" He answered himself:" Question, your questions are the best presents "and then answered them very simply, clearly and well. He did not inhibit his mind by his pen. He spoke just because of his students' request and some of them collected his answers or recorded them by casett. If you want to get aquaited to his speech, we will bring some qutations at the end.

Despite of having the greatest titles, he asked his student call him "father" even he said: "Do not call me the great and father but the little. I come to invite you to light. He always focused on open mind, movement based on science and practice exclusively according to virtue, following your right and others' and serving with no expectation for all creatures. These are of his main lessons. As you pay attention to humans and follow the rights, he paid attention to rights of animals, plants or even inanimates. He does not permit to pray when there is a hungry or thirsty animal or plant. Fighting to ignorance and blind imitation and challenging with prouds are of his main training lessons.


When he took a trip to Qum on 6th Bahman 1380, passed away there. He has burried in holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S) in Azadi courtyard in Mashad.

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